Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Buying Giordano

Opening Sale

I thought of writing really serious stuff lately but right now I have nothing much to say so it is better to get off with something that I have learned to do when I got here in Hong Kong - to become a consumerist.

As a clothesperson, I have a motto: wala. Wala akong motto. I just thought that since Hong Kong has a year-long sale with REAL sales hitting the scene every 3-4months, I better start searching ones that I can really depend on for wear - that is cheap but hip, wearable and formidable (lasting at least 2 years). Like Giordano. (Really? Hai me?)


Giordano has expensive clothes but they sell their pants cheap sometimes. I got my cheapest at 50HKD. They have this lifetime promo coupon where they would put sticker for every pair that you buy. Upon purchasing your 8th pair, you get a pair of pants FREE. Natawa lang ako sa promong ito kasi para namang lagi kang mauubusan ng pantalon... UNTIL, I met some people who are so addicted to jeans, pantaloons and what have you that they would be more than willing to spend 3,000HKD for a pair (Japanese brand Evisu has that price in his tag. How do I know Evisu is a man? Maybe he is gay.)

But then, I used up all the eight slots, thanks to friends who supported me in this cause. No, I did not have the free one to myself. I gave it to my comrade-friend who needed a pair really badly. I should go to heaven for this.

As for the belts that sell for 2 for 80HKD sometimes, wag mong bilhin. It only took me 3 months to see it talking back to me. Nakakatakot. I had to buy something expensive pero yung tatagal naman, say, ng 2 taon.

Bili-bili na!

Sunday is the best time to buy Giordano shirts, specifically sa Des Voux Road sa Central. Filipino migrants buy things as pasalubong or padala sa kanilang mga kaanak. At dahil dito, mabenta ang mga damit at tindahang tulad ng Giordano. Doon ko lang narinig ang Sex Bomb dancers na kumakanta sa background habang naghihiyawan at nang-eengganyo naman ang mga Giordano boys and girls: "Bili bili na! Mulang mula! Pala inyung asawa, poging pogi!"

So that's where you will see all these factory defects being sold at 10HKD a piece. Naiinis din ako kasi lapsap (garbage) na pero ibinebenta pa rin. Iba talaga ang kapitalista. Pero... bumibili pa rin ako paminsan-minsan.


Natuwa ako nung nakita ko uli yung palaka sa Giordano. It reminded me of the 80s, one of those years when I got a Giordano hand-me-down from my heavily endowed sister. I was happy with the shirt, a mint green collared tee that I only wore for a few months because I got bigger.

Closing time

In the end hindi pa rin ako tumatagal ng limang minuto sa Giordano. Pangarap lang karaniwan sa maraming taong tulad ko na maging official endorser nito at mapupuno ng Giordano pants, shoes, undies and shirts ang aking gamunggo sa liit na cabinet.

I am now researching where Giordano factories are, who their workers are, how much they receive at the day's end, if they are estranged with the products that they make, and how much the owners are earning from this "endeavor".

World Without Strangers... nice design.