Friday, March 11, 2005

What to do when attacked by german measles

I was struck by the measles outbreak here in Hong Kong. I guess I was the only one afflicted by it. So what did I do in the last two weeks I was bed-ridden, chilling and pockmarked?

measles mark #1: Drink lots of juices - from cranberry to wheatgrass to aloe to orange to freshly squeezed celery-bittergourd-green-pepper to pineapple to, well, manjuice.

measles mark #2: Get rested. But do go back to exercising after. I had thigh cramps during my days of recovery. I guess that was because of too much sleeping. For more than a week, I had almost a week of bed rest. I almost fell in love with my bed. Had I wished someone was there to watch over and sleep with me.

measles mark#3: Buy lots of DVDs and VCDs if you knew you will get sick. From Stephen Chow to Studio Gibli to old Kurosawa movies to musicals, anything will be fine. But do have some taste, though. Don't settle for anything lower than what your dignity can take.

measles mark#4: Write your friends. I had postcards more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of my non-viewing hours. But computers can be fun but not as fun as writing it and making it personal.

measles mark #5: Sneak out to buy things outside the house. But never let yourself be found out. It is not nice for bystanders to know you have measles. Good thing, Hong Kong is still reeling from the cold so I can manage with fake fur and a scarf and a cheap-looking pair of boots. Not thigh-high but high enough to make you look less than cheap.

measles mark #6: Never attempt to write on blogs you are verbally gifted. I am not so I did not. And I suppose that I should not still since I am recovering. Still.


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