Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Levi's 501, anyone?

As issues come before me -

the outright slaughter of democracy in Nepal by its own king,

the lives of gem workers in China worth little less valuable than the gems they mine for the jewellery company Lucky International,

the case of my friend's Lupus-stricken father,

the domestic workers here calling for wage increase, just about the right thing to do when they receive less than what they deserve and work for,

- I realized how unimportant having a 501 is.


Blogger A-hole! said...

tama pre. buti pang magkaroon ng timberland o di kaya ay lee na maong. ako personal na preference ko ang old navy. hehehe. joke. mabuhay ka! buti naman at nakapag-post ka na.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous mortgage bad credit refinance said...

thought-provoking, mootable pv. just my thoughts, well anyways gl & be chipper is what i say

3:53 PM  

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