Wednesday, December 15, 2004

next stop 1

one of the perks of international youth work is travel. free travel.

take cathay pacific and you'll have your loads of good films, a spacious seat and haagen dazs cups. take klm and you're off to amsterdam, anything beyond it will be 90% assurance of a lost luggage. take lufthansa and ravel in the small airport cars they call smart cars in munich, frankfurt and hamburg (turns out they are real and are being ridden by people in germany). take philippine airlines and you can be sure of a delay.

i am biased towards cathay pacific although i cannot really say the same with thai airways. and yes, emirates is really wonderful with equally good and comfortable seats, blankets you can bring home, your own TV with several games to choose from, and good arabic food.

but that is not the issue here. one of the quirks as well is if you get used to it. if you get used to it, it gets boring. and it has for me. it reminds me of our trips to Bicol via bus, car or train. a book would fail to keep me occupied as sleep sets in and occupies that space between me and the book. especially with the long flights and series of stop overs, it irks one to wake up, pick up the hand luggage, go somewhere to wait and wait for several hours. tapos masakit pa pwet mo sa kauupo.

good thing, norwegian air has good looking stewards to boot. frankfurt airport is so spacious (pwedeng magyosi sa loob). hk airport is far more spacious (a good playground for agawang base). any airport in spain (kahit saan yosi... maski sa loob ng elevator).

but then again this is not the issue. the real issue will be the next stop - saan ba talaga tutungo ang lahat ng mga byaheng ito?

masarap magbyahe pero kung walang napapala ang kabataan, walang sense. International Youth Work does not aim to have people flying from one place to another and make him/her a seasoned political jetsetter.

sayang nga lang at maraming organisasyong ganyan. may mga tao ring ganyan. sana di ako matulad.


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